1. Focus your mindset to wellbeing not weight loss 

Do you workout just to lose weight? You start your new routine with enthusiasm to lose that last 5 – 10 pounds and feel good in your skinny jeans, but results might not come as quick as you like and motivation wanes? Switch your mindset from weightloss to wellbeing.

When you focus on wellbeing working out becomes part of your lifestyle.  It feels good to workout when you are doing it to improve your wellbeing (ok maybe not the first 5 – 10 minutes but once you get over that hurdle – hello serotonin boost!)  Feeling fit also feels good, you’ll feel happier and sleep better.  You’ll feel the wellbeing benefits quicker than losing weight and so motivation is stronger so you are more likely to keep it up –  losing weight then becomes another benefit!

2. Press the easy button

Do you….

  • spend more time getting to the gym and back than actually working out.
  • dread workout out all day only give up and go home because you talked yourself out of it
  • hate the gym but it’s the only way to what else can you do?

STOP! Breathe and press the easy button.

I love going to the gym but there was a time when I had no time (4 hour daily commute)  My schedule was to tight I realised that I was using the time getting there and back as an excuse not to go.  So I got some weights for the house and I worked out consistently despite the long commute and I loved it.  I had a 1 min round trip commute to the living room rather than 40 mins.  While I am back at the gym I now have no excuses to skip a workout.  If I can’t make it to the gym I have a home workout instead.

Other easy button hacks

If you can’t workout after work, get up a bit earlier and do it in the morning.  If that doesn’t work use your commute to workout.  Walk, run cycle.  Whatever it takes but get wise with your time and workout!

Not a gym bunny?  Sweating it out at the gym isn’t the only answer.  If the suggestions above don’t hit the mark then explore what does.  There are 100’s of ways to move your body, yoga, martial arts, tai chi, cross fit, swimming…the list goes on.  Try something new every few weeks and see what you enjoy the most.  Many yoga studios and fitness classes offer low cost or free trials so get googling and see whats on offer in your area.

3. Plan and prepare your workouts the week ahead. 

Put them in your diary like an important meeting you can’t miss.  If life gets in the way and you can’t make your session then have a backup plan of what you can do.

Can’t make your yoga class – YouTube has plenty classes online and they are all free?  Planned to workout for 45 mins but don’t have that amount of time?  Squeeze in 30, 20, 10 or even 5 mins.

Just show up for yourself and get moving.  Commit and be consistent.  That’s how exercise becomes a habit.