It’s day 15 if the positive self talk challenge already. Which is as many days away until Christmas…eek.

15 days is a good amount of time to start seeing results from committing to small daily actions. I have been consistently working on shutting down my inner critic and replacing it with positive self talk for the past 2 weeks and it has shown me a few things.

Here are 3 lessons I have learnt so far


1. I can change the way I feel by the way changing the way I think.

When the inner critic takes hold it can make me feel pretty crappy. So by choosing thoughts that reflect the way I want to feel I have been able to let bad feelings go and focus on good ones.

When I want to get stuff done I’ve been telling myself I can. When I have done a good job I tell myself ‘well done’ rather than waiting around for someone else to acknowledge it.

2. When I am kind to myself I am more productive.

Telling myself I can rather than I can’t has meant that I am completing more tasks and being more productive. Being more productive makes me feel more accomplished and therefore I naturally feel good about myself. This has meant that I am congratulating myself on a job well done. I have become my own cheerleader. Go me 🙂

3. My inner critic is trying to keep me safe

By telling myself I can’t I won’t. Therefore, I won’t challenge myself and things won’t change. I am keeping myself safe. I can now see that my inner critic will tell me negative things to stop progress and change. It’s doing its job to keep me safe from the unknown.

But I don’t want that! I want progress and change. So the challenge has been helping me. It’s set me some support and accountability to shut the critic. I am changing and I have been more productive and creating change (see point 3 above).

Positive self talk in a nutshell..

Choosing kinder words and positive self talk has enabled me to break negative unproductive thought patterns and create healthy ones. I am choosing better words receiving better emotions. Result!

It’s only 15 days in but these subtle wins and changes have shown me I have a choice about how I think and feel and but choosing kinder words I am making a positive changes. Let’s see what the compound effect of the next few days makes.

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Jana xo