Perfection ‘the action or process of improving something until it is faultless.’
This action is a kind of procrastination tool for me. The pursuit of perfection has stopped me moving forward with many things. I was in the mindset that unless it was faultless – perfect – there was no point in doing it. Or, I would do it but not finish because it wasn’t perfect.
Writing and blogging is a perfect example. I love writing. Its a creative pursuit and I love to be creative. But, I don’t want to do it unless its perfect. So, I procrastinate. I think about writing. I plan it. I write something but I don’t publish it. Its not perfect.

All or nothing

Perfectionism has held me back because it gave me an all or nothing mindset. If I wasn’t going to be perfect at it there was no point. As a result, I have a lot of unfinished projects and missed opportunities! In reflection, I misinterpreted it.
If perfection is ‘the action or process of improving something’. I wasn’t taking action or improving because I thought I had to get it right first time. It was all or nothing. It had to be perfect or I couldn’t or wouldn’t do it.

Pursuit of progress

If at first you don’t succeed…..
You know the rest of the rhyme. Try, try again. Do it again and again until you do succeed. Meaning, take consistent action and you will see results. Through this process you will learn from your mistakes, you will improve. With a bit of hard work and consistency you will see progress.
So, I’m kicking perfection to the kerb and pursuing progress instead. Progress is a positive action. Progress is
“movement to an improved or more developed state”
I want to improve and develop – not be perfect. 

Overcoming perfection

As I said before. Perfection is an all or nothing mindset. To change and overcome a mindset you need decide how you want to think and then repeatedly take action in the direction of your new way of thinking. Literally, rewiring your brain until it becomes a habit.
So, I am taking this blog as my pet project to overcome my perfectionist mindset and change to an attitude of progress.
Before, an all or nothing mindset would have told me that I need to be blogging every day. How sustainable is that given all my other commitments? Not likely! So instead I’ll set myself a minimum baseline. A goal that is realistic and achievable.
For me right now that feels like one blog post every two weeks.
Will they be perfect? Probably not. Does it really matter? Not really, because I’ll be making progress. That is what really what matters to me.

Jana xo