Self care is something talked about alot in the health and wellness space. When I see the hashtag #selfcare on social media it’s mainly pictures and posts about bubble baths and spa days. Which is great. It’s important to put yourself first and pamper yourself. I love a bubble bath! But that fairly easy to do. It makes you feel good but the effects don’t last too long. Especially when your other half hollers at you to get out because he needs to use the ‘facilities’ 🙂

Outer vs inner self care

Baths and pamper sessions are mainly focusing on your outer self. It makes you look and feel good but it focuses on the outer you. I feel the most important work you need to do around self care is the inner stuff. Firstly, yes looking after your insides, your guts.

Good nutrition, eating a healthy balance diet and being hydrated is good for your guts and your overall wellbeing. But what keeps you on point with your healthy diet and maintaining that? Self care for your mind.

Take care of your thoughts

Your thoughts create your feelings and ultimately your actions. So are you are taking care of your thoughts?

Thinking good thoughts is emotional nourishment. Much like vitamins nourish your cells, good thoughts nourish your mind. Thinking bad thoughts drains you and hurts you. When it come thoughts, we can often be our own worst enemy. You need to build a habit of positive self talk to crush your inner critic.

My struggles with negative thoughts

I have been struggling with negative self talk lately. There are wonderful things going on in my life which I am very grateful for. I am engaged and we are planning our wedding next year. We have also just bought our first home together. There are some things aren’t going so well. The problem that I have is that I have been allowing negative thoughts to suck the joy out the good stuff going on.

What I have learnt through my studies as a health coach is that we get to choose our thoughts. Thinking negative thoughts or thoughts that don’t make me feel good is a bad habit. And to break any bad habit you have to consciously and consistently stop that habit until transformation occurs.

I am now consciously choosing better thoughts. Because it feels good to that, and dwelling too much on the bad stuff isn’t going to make the situation better. Every day that I choose better thoughts, I feel stronger and like myself a little more because I am treating myself with respect. It’s like a mind workout. I have had enough and ‘I am enough’.

I am enough

I have been reading into a lot into the work of leading coach and therapist Marisa Peer who focuses on positive self talk and the transformational impact it can have on your life. The statement she goes by is ‘I am enough’.

Marisa affirms that we can choose how we think. Although, often it might not feel like that. Consciously choosing to be kind to yourself and think positive thoughts will eventually sink into to your subconscious until that becomes your new way of being. She goes on to say that even if you don’t believe it say it to yourself anyway. Your mind doesn’t know the difference between truth and reality. In fact it strives to make what you tell yourself a reality. Whether your tell youself stuff that is good or bad.

Check out Marisa Peers blog for more inspiration.

The challenge #21daysofpositiveselftalk

So I am challenging myself and I invite you to join in, to make positive self talk a habit. The phrase ‘it takes 21 days to form habit’ has been disputed. But pause for a moment and think about what it would look and feel like if you said good things to yourself for the next 3 weeks? Better than you do now I bet? 21 days is a good number to stick to see the benefits of change and will help you through the resistant phase of habit forming. What we need to do is get familiar with the unfamiliar, so that positive self talk becomes second nature.

We need to choose better words if we want better emotions. How do you want to feel? Choose the words that reflect that. At the moment I have been challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone. I have been choosing statements such as ‘I am enough’ and ‘I can do it’. Your mind believes what you tell it. If you want better outcomes in your life, align what you tell yourself with that

So, over the next 21 days have a word with yourself. Literally. I challenge you for the next 21 days to crush that inner critic. Any time you have conflicting thought or bad word to stay about yourself. Stop. Flip it. Say something kind. 

You have just found your new B.F.F. Yourself.

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