Before we get into health coaching lets first talk about what coaching is.

A definition of coaching

According to a Google search (source wikipedia) “Coaching is a form of development in which a person called a coach supports a learner or client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing training and guidance.”

Are you familiar with sports coaches who support their teams by providing training and guidance to win the race or match?

You may have heard of executive coaches, who support professionals by providing training and guidance to help them climb the corporate ladder?

Have you heard of health coaching? I feel in the UK its still a relatively unknown. As a self confessed ‘self help junkie’ I had read many blogs, articles books and more about health, wellness and personal development but I hadn’t heard of health coaching until only a few years ago. Once I discovered it I jumped right in and here is why…so to answer the original question. What is health coaching?

A definition of health coaching

Health coaching is providing you support, accountability, training and guidance to feel healthy, happy and fulfilled.

Notice I included support and accountability there. You probably know what you need to do feel healthier, happier and more fulfilled but your busy, hectic life just gets in the way. Most people know what to do but they just don’t apply it.

This is where health coaching comes in. It’s the support and accountability that enables you break bad habits, create healthy news ones and follow through on actions like you never have before.

What we do as health coaches

In health coaching we will discuss what to eat, how to eat and how to get more movement in your life but it’s not about preaching what you should or shouldn’t do. Rather you decide what you feel is right for you. You may not know exactly what that is right now but with health coaching tools and techniques you will learn and set goals. It’s the coaching part that will give you the support and accountability to get you there.

Take a moment right now and think of one thing that you aren’t doing that you know you should be doing to improve your health and make you feel good. Flash forward 6 months time and imagine how you will feel if you had consistently done that thing. You’ll feel pretty amazing right? You’ll will feel good about yourself because you will have consistently done that thing you said you would and that feels awesome.

Focus on how you want to feel to help you reach your goals

We do a lot of that in health coaching. Focusing on feelings. Feelings are what drive us to do the things we do. So by focusing on the positive feeling of the result you are more likely to follow though on it. Such as how good you will feel after that morning run. You certainly won’t feel good dragging yourself out of bed early. You probably won’t feel good for the first 5 to 10 mins while your body is warming up.  But you will feel so good after. Your happy hormones will be pumped and you’ll feel proud of yourself for following through with it!

Maybe running isn’t your bag and thats ok. The key to feeling healthy, happy and fulfilled is really quite simple. It’s eating well and moving more in a way that is right for you. But you know that don’t you? If you aren’t following through then health coaching will give you the support and accountability to get you there.

What health coaching is not

First and foremost health coaching is not counselling. If you find the emotions of your past overwhelming and holding you back from moving forward then seek the guidance of a counsellor for talk therapy to help you manage these emotions. 

Health coaches are not nutritionists. While health coaching is about helping you to follow a healthy lifestyle (which includes what you eat!) its not diagnostic. If you feel you have intolerances and health related issues with your diet then a nutritionist is qualified to run tests and get to the root cause and may suggest supplements to take.

From my personal experience of going to see a nutritionist, I learnt a lot but with all the tests and supplements it was very costly. It was health coaching that enabled me to take that knowledge and apply it constantly to reach my goals. So health coaching and nutritionists can work together with you to find out the cause and apply then solution.

What health coaching is to me

For me health coaching is solution focused. Its about working out where you are now, where you want to be and how to get there. It will give to tools, support and accountability eat well, live well and manage your mindset. When you have that you feel healthy, happy and fulfilled. How good is that?

I’m still working on my programme but if you want to get in touch to find out more about health coaching and what it can do for you get in touch for a free 45mins discovery session. Email me at

Jana xo